Sunday, May 21, 2006

Energy Inefficient

George Bush can easily establish an energy commission in the senate that would explain to Americans why gas prices are so high. Instead he authorizes an investigation into price fixing and gouging which, essentially, isn't going to solve our "addiction" to oil. If Bush and congress were to pass into a law a set of harsh measures (i.e. higher gas taxes, fuel-efficiency standards starting at 30 and rising to 40 mpg, tax credits for new technologies*) we could begin our petroleum detoxification.

Fareed Zakaria says it best: " would signal to the market that demand for oil in the United States was likely to stabilize. The fear, uncertainty and speculation that is built into the price of oil right now would ease. I could see the headline now: GOVERNMENT ACTS BOLDLY; OIL PRICES DROP. That's not just good economics, it's good politics."


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