Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Cheating Chambliss

I received a response from Chambliss' office today about the email I sent yesterday. Perhaps his office made a mistake because they sent me the same response I got when I emailed my first message to his office. Here is what I fired back. I resent the message I sent yesterday so i'll cut that out of my response to here since everyone can scroll below to see what it says.

"Dear Sir,

I believe your office made a mistake. Your secretary must have clicked the wrong button, because I was sent the same automated message I received when I wrote you for the first time. To correct the error your office has made I will resend my original email in an attempt to gain a real response from your office about your contradictory voting record.

" "

Please tell your secretary to be more careful when sending prefabricated emails.

Dan Delle Monache"

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