Friday, May 05, 2006

Can't Teach an Old Rumsfeld New Tricks

I was reading an interview on between Ray McGovern and Paula Zahn. I like Paula Zahn I think she can be a very tough interviewer, and she is not afraid to get in the face of who she is interviewing. McGovern was in Atlanta listening to Rumsfeld's question and answer session with the media. A woman, accusing Rumsfeld of lying, was courted out of the session by security, what has proven to be commonplace at a Rumsfeld press conference. McGovern decided to follow up on the woman's accusations, but in a more structured way. In a nutshell McGovern was simply asking pointed questions about Rumsfelds sureness about the exact locations of the WMD prior to invading Iraq. Yesterday in his news conference Rummy said he never told anyone exactly where they were at. Well, and I do believe most of us remember this, Rumsfeld said they were in Tikrit, Baghdad, North, South, East, and West of their too. Of course our troops show up to this location with nothing to show for it. What bothers me is McGovern was simply following up on a direct quote by the secretary, and after awhile the same security guys that escorted that lady out came back and tried to escort McGovern out too. Rumsfeld let him stay, but it is believed the only reason he was allowed to stay is because the TV camera was capturing the whole event. Rumsfeld didn't let McGovern stay because he was trying to be gracious, it was for personal interests. I don't understand why more people aren't making an outrage about how this administration constantly escorts reporters to the exit when they don't want to answer the question. I hope at the next White House press conference some journalist asks the new press secretary, "Why the hell do you make us leave when you can't answer our quesrtions?" It would make for a very interesting response indeed.

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