Monday, May 08, 2006

Democrats Might Have Something After All

Rove is up to his usual tricks again. But, the Democrats might have something to actually run on. John Conyers Jr., the representative from Michigan, has said if the Democrats win back control of the house he will launch an investigation to impeach George Bush. Patrick Leahy said if the democrats regain control of the senate then he is going to launch an investigation into the NSA spy program. This sounds like a platform. I think the Democrats should be screaming this message at the voters. Many moderate voters complain that they don't know where the Democrats stand, and this is the time for the Demos to tell them.

They need to be careful though. Rove is out trying to convince voters that if the Democrats win back both chambers that terrorism will take a back burner, and that "our worst fears" will be answered. Hopefully the polls aren't as far off from reality as they were in the 2004 presidential election. Lets hope Rove's bag of tricks are empty. We desperately need a change of guard, and it has to come before 2008.

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