Monday, May 01, 2006

Go Joe!

go read what my man joe biden has in mind for getting us the hell out of iraq.

his main key is decentralizing iraq into three regions. a kurdish region, sunni region, and shiite region with a central government in baghdad that will oversee the best interests of everybody. this way each faction can govern their region as they see fit and tailor it to their customs. now there won't be any civil war or disagreement about how religion is to play on the grand political stage. on top of that, each religious faction will get a stake in the oil profits.

i strongly recommend going to itunes and getting the bill maher podcast from when joe biden was on the panel. this man is smart AND has announced that he is running for president in 2008. i just hope the dems aren't as stupid as i think they are.


David said...

why do u think they r stupid?

Dan said...

because they have yet to prove me otherwise