Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Truth About New Homes

I was watching the finale of the Bill Maher show tonight, and Bill mentioned something that I didn't know. I'm sure everyone is familiar with all the talk about the number of homes being purchased? The Bush Administration uses this statistic to show how well us citizens are doing. Well, tonight I learned that 40% of all new home purchases are made by rich Americans buying second homes. So it's not that America altogether is that much better off, it's that rich America has more money to spend.

It never seems to stop. How they get away with this I do not know.

Saxby Chambliss' office called me today in response to the email I fired back. It's in the archives of the Opine titled "Saxby...Not as Good as Zaxby(s)" if you haven't read it. They caught me at a really bad time, and when I asked if they could call me back in a couple of hours the guy didn't seem interested. So in the 20 seconds I talked with him he tried defending Chambliss' stance on block grants by saying every time one is eliminated Saxby votes to have it replaced. Since my email talked about more than just block grants I plan on calling his office back when I have some more time. I did some research and came up with some questions to ask his spokesperson, and while I was looking I found that Saxby makes considerable donations to the John Birch foundation. John Birch was a white supremist who had an iron fist against communism in the 70's...he's not a good man. McCarthy was heavily endorsed by this guy during that time. Lets just say I look forward to talking to the senator's office and seeing the response I get. If I don't like what I get then I plan on going to the local news paper The Atlanta Journal Constitution and attempt to get some of this trash about him published.

I would love to run against Saxby when he's up for re-election in 2008, but I think I would still be too young.

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