Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Dirty Harry

Harry Reid was caught by the Associated Press accepting free tickets to a boxing event in Nevada, his state of representation. Reid is sponsoring a bill in the senate that is designed to make it more difficult for lawmakers to accept gifts from lobbyist groups attempting to gain support in the congressional ranks.

In Nevada the Federal Boxing Commission exists. This is the governing body of boxing in the state of Nevada. The Boxing Commission in Nevada feels threatened by the possiblity of another commission being formed to make sure the Nevada Commission are doing things right. Reid says that accepting these tickets (to three matches) was not a conflict of interest, but many see this as the Nevada Federal Boxing Commission trying to get Reid alone so they can attempt to convince him to vote against the formation of another ruling body.

I have always thought for quite some time now that Harry Reid is the wrong man leading the democrats. He seems dysfunctional, and can never do anything without contradicting himself. If the democrats expect to do anything this year they need to find a quick cure to their Kerryitis (awful timing disease), and fast.

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