Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Get fooled again?

Expect to see divisive non-issues start to dominate Congressional debate and the news as Rove, Frist, and the others lead their bankrupt party into the elections. We'll hear about gay marriage, flag-burning, the national anthem as they try to "mobilize the base". Let's hope the base has had enough of the Republican's cynical, negative, anxiety-driven approach to government.

Let's hope the real issues - America's drift towards 3rd world standards (re: disappearing middle-class, sub-standard health care, pre-occupation with military might), national debt ($83,000 per family of 3, plus another $4,000/year interest payments ), and...Iraq take center stage.

Visit the U.S. National Debt Clock

Speaking of the national debt: Why are taxpayers financing the salary, expenses, and overhead costs of Karl Rove? Since when were our taxes allowed to be used for the single-minded promotion of one party? He is not governing, he is campaigning. So he should be dumped from the government payroll and paid for by the Republican Party

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