Sunday, May 07, 2006

Democratic Platform – Taxes

I’ve met many people who call themselves Republicans only because they don’t like paying taxes. They buy into the “tax and spend Democrats” myth even though Bush and the Republican Congress have produced the most wildly reckless spending this nation has ever seen. Unfortunately, when the Democrats regain control, they will, since they are more responsible leaders, have to raise taxes to get our national balance sheet back on track. The Republicans will of course seize on this for politically advantageous sound bites.

Why don’t the Democrats tackle this issue head-on? Tell Americans that due to reckless spending by the Republicans, there will have to be tax increases. But make it clear that those increases will come from the top-end of the pay scales. From the wealthiest Americans, who have bought lobbyists, who in turn bought Congress, who in turn enacted legislation to transfer wealth away from the middle and lower classes, and into the pockets of the wealthiest Americans.

Make it clear, also, that government spending will be redirected to benefit all Americans through improved healthcare, education, national security, and so forth. Make it very clear, because a lot middle-class of “anti-taxers” think that they have benefited from Bush’s policies. They have not. But they and their children will be paying for those policies later on. It’s time for class warfare to come out of the closet. Let the super rich pull their weight.

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